Kargo is a service where individuals or businesses that need to move furniture, equipment or any type of general goods are connected to drivers who help them with the delivery. At www.kargo.com.mm/order , you order point-to-point delivery at competitive prices within Yangon and beyond.

We try to be the most affordable in the market. When you book a truck through Kargo, your request is sent out to multiple drivers suitable to handle your order. Kargo selects the best driver and vehicle for you, and this is based on highest relevance, prime service and of course lowest price.

Almost all types of trucks available! Our drivers can provide everything from Hijets and light trucks to refrigerated trucks (reefers) to 22-wheelers and crane trucks.

Yes. We onboard our truck drivers with Kargo’s driver app. Customers can track their goods from pick up point to drop off point. We will have all existing & future drivers using this app as we move forward.

No. What Kargo can provide is additional labour to help with loading or unloading as drivers are required to supervise their vehicles. Please note that drivers do not help with loading or unloading as the driver usually needs stay to supervise the vehicle.

We do. Please select your multiple pick up or drop off points on the order form here www.kargo.com.mm/order.

Not yet. We are currently working on and will be offering cargo goods-in-transit insurance in the near future. In the meantime, we are carefully looking at our customers’ reviews, which allow us to promote good drivers and understand how we can offer the most reliable service possible. At this time, liability ultimately remains with the customer, and any subsequent arrangement relating to the loss or damage to goods remains between the customer and the Participating Provider (truck driver).

No. Kargo offers purely delivery services. Our fleet is made up of a very wide range of trucks which offers goods delivery services.

Place your order at https://kargo.com.mm/order. Call us or Viber us at 0944 44 34336 if you encounter any difficulties.